Bruce and his master

spin-fAcrylic on canvas, 10P. 2009

Bruce was the name of the yellow cat in the picture, who was brave and cute, also a symbol and a connection for those who became friends enrolling to SAIC in Chicago in 1999.He was one of many cats my friend had and he was the most mean one among them. Although mean but he has dedicated his youth to his owner for more than 17 years. They had closed relationship.

This painting was created for them to memorize the great moment they shared together.

壓克力畫布 10P. 2009

布魯斯是畫中黃貓咪的名字,基本上,他是隻勇敢且可愛的貓咪。對1999年在芝加哥藝術學院求學的華人學生來說是一個精神象徵。 牠的主人曾經養過很多隻貓,而布魯斯是最凶狠的一隻。雖然他很勇且焊,他也為主人奉獻了17年青春。他們有精神上很親密的關係(我覺得)。


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